9 most advanced web design trends in 2022

Those working in the field of web design have to adapt to technological changes much more than those in the field of print design. Nothing surprising, because we have been living in the new millennium for 18 years. What is more interesting is that web designers are able to overcome all technological challenges and create user-friendly websites - clear, innovative, in line with the corporate style, adapted to all possible devices and simply pleasing to the eye.

Last year, technology continued to advance, and mobile searches finally outnumbered desktop searches. This means that in 2022, mobile functionality will become the highest level, and desktop versions will have to improve accordingly to remain relevant. We present 9 web design trends that will be the most noticeable this year.

Shadows and depth
Shadows have been used for a long time, but as browsers improve, new, interesting solutions for what to do with them appear. Designers use grid layouts and the parallax effect to create the impression of a deep image that extends far beyond the screen. This is a reaction to the flat design that was popular in the past.

The play of shadows creates not only a diverse, aesthetic image, but also highlights what is important, thus providing convenience to the user. For example, subtle and blurred shadows that distinguish links are nothing new, but combining them with brighter shades creates a completely different effect - the old shadows become almost three-dimensional.

Bright and rich colors
This year, the Internet will definitely be dominated by an excess of colors. In the past, many brands and designers chose colors that are considered internet safe. However, now more and more designers are daring and choosing not only rich and bright shades, but also creating headlines not only horizontally, but also with diagonal or sharp angles. It can be said that such technological solutions were also determined by the fact that the screens of many devices are able to convey colors better. Bright and even at first glance incompatible colors can be useful for new, distinctive brands and those who want to distance themselves from traditions and careful design solutions.

Moving background
They say that a good picture is worth a thousand words. And if he is still moving! Moving backgrounds help solve the problems faced by websites that use video in the background. Because the weight of background animations written with Javascript is small, they look like a natural part of the page, so they do not complicate the loading of information. Such a design is memorable, so it can grab the user's attention in a few seconds. Moving graphics, some of which echo the design of the home page and point to it, are becoming extremely popular on social networks.

Preference is given to mobile devices
It's official - we surf more on mobile than on computers. Many shop and order services on smartphones. It used to be much more difficult to do this, so it took a long time for users to get used to it. This was also a headache for designers - how to fit a menu item, as well as all submenus and sub-submenu items, on one small screen?

However, mobile design solutions have matured.
Menu items are reduced and stacked to fit small screens. You may have to give up the big and beautiful photos that the client would like to see in the mobile version. They are replaced by icons that are much lighter and easily recognizable by users. In addition, it is possible to quickly identify and solve user problems based on direct analysis of their behavior.

Author's illustrations
Specially created illustrations add friendliness, playfulness and uniqueness to the website. Experienced illustrators can create what every brand strives for - unique images that are tailored specifically to their style. Although this solution is more often chosen by fun and energetic brands, it can also help serious clients who want to make their customers understand them more easily. The illustration style can be selected and customized to match any brand.

Big and bright letters
Typography has always been a powerful tool that not only conveys information, but also creates character, sets tone, and evokes emotion. Screen resolutions are constantly improving, texts are becoming easier to read, so specially designed fonts should also become popular. Most browsers except Internet Explorer support unique fonts created in CSS. Large letters, singing fonts with and without serifs will allow you to create dynamic notes, improve the user experience and, most importantly, encourage the visitor to read the page. In general, the most important part of a web page is the main header - it contains the most important elements of SEO and is the first thing that users scan when looking for relevant information. This year, designers will try to create the most effective headlines with exclusive and unique fonts